I have been extremely fortunate to have had multiple charters with Captain Amie on the Saugy Dollar! Captain Amie is an energetic and fun lady who goes out of her way to make sure everyone has a good time while on her boat. I’ve experienced various types of trips with Captain Amie.  One, was on a hot summer day with my husband and two daughters. The girls jumped off the boat to cool off in the Lake and we were able to anchor close to shore and enjoy private beaches. The kids climbed the dunes and ran down time and again! I have also enjoyed the Saugy Dollar with my best girlfriends. These badly needed trips were unforgettable~ tanning, cocktails, music, stories, swimming, eating, and a lot of laughing! One of my favorite times on the boat is when my husband and I took a group of our friends and enjoyed the beautiful Lake Michigan sunset with a glass of wine in hand. I can’t recommend them enough; I can’t wait to go on the Saugy Dollar again!

Kristen Little, Testimonail
Life is a BLAST on board the Saugydollar!!  Whether you are cruising out to the big lake for a swim and lunch or a ride to Holland or South Haven for dinner and a sunset, each time is a new adventure with Captain Amie. The sites are beautiful and relaxing and there isn’t a care in the world when you are on the water. The absolute best part is that Captain Amie genuinely loves people and wants to show you an amazing time while driving her boat. She is an absolute character who just enjoys life. You won’t regret for a minute the amazing memories you will make on board the Saugydollar.  Make your memories today! What are you waiting for?

If you’re planning a vacation in Saugatuck a charter on the Saugy Dollar is a must! You are guaranteed a great boating excursion! My family and I had an amazing day on the boat that we will never forget. Captain Amie will spoil you with her wonderful personality all the while planning the perfect afternoon or evening boating up the coast.