Enjoy our area aboard the Saugy Dollar! We are here to provide you with the an amazing afternoon (or evening) exploring the beautiful coast of Lake Michigan. Whether it be swimming off the boat, picnicking on the sand, going to restaurants, or enjoying the sunset you will have a memorable experience. If you have ideas of what you would like the theme of your day to be let us know! Maybe it is a business cruise rewarding your successful associates, bachelorette party, or just a fun family excursion~ our crew is here to make sure your day is amazing!

Our boat is a 30’ 2017 center console Cobia. I fell in love with her because of her versatility and space. In the bow, the floor can be raised to be a table or a sunbathing platform. Depending on the time of day (and your mood!) she will accommodate your desire with the flick of a switch. It is all about easy living when out on the water!

The interior of our boat is white so please spray on sunscreen before coming aboard! Aerosol is not permitted on board so make sure you have some sunscreen lotion.  You can get a sunburn even in cloudy weather!

You are responsible for bringing your own food and drinks (we provide water and ice). Saugatuck and Douglas are known for amazing cuisine. Here is contact information for a few places that will tantalize your taste buds with a carry out order perfect for a day on the boat!

Sharon’s Catering
333 Blue Star Highway
Pick up or delivery

Farmhouse Deli and Pantry
100 Blue Star Highway
Douglas, MI